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Your First Source for Short or Long Term Mobile Rental Power

CTG Power Solutions LLC is an independent, privately held company servicing customers  worldwide in need of  rapid response  gas/diesel fired energy solutions for most any application. We  specialize in mobile rental power. It's our only business. We don't try to be everything to everyone.  We have only one mission-- to serve you, our valued  customer! 

 Our most compact and transportable power system, known as the FT8 MOBILEPAC gas turbine package, is widely used around the world with more than 130 units in operation. Each MOBILEPAC generates enough capacity to provide up to 30,000 homes with electricity. 

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Competency, Commitment & Dedication

  Why wait for power when you can have it tomorrow? 

With installation counted in days versus years, with significantly reduced front-end infrastructure and capital costs, customers are able to generate electrical power and revenues almost anywhere in the world. 


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Our power solutions serve as a lifeline to those in need.  Our gas and diesel fired products and services help customers worldwide. We provide total turnkey interim power solutions to address many different situations ranging from simple peak load applications to more dynamic environments with high renewable penetration, isolated regions that require their own energy supplies, and emergencies that can arise anywhere.


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We invite you to call +1 (334) 539-1701 or email us at: Info@CTGPowerSolutions.com with any questions or inquiry you may have. 

CTG Power Solutions LLC

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